about darrel w. ray, ed.d.

dr. darrel w. ray, director of the institute for performance culture, has consulted throughout the united states, canada and the united kingdom since 1978 and has directed major departments in two organizations. he specializes in organizational development, team building and self-directed work group implementation. trained as a psychologist, dr. ray has studied groups and group dynamics since 1976, and has worked with groups and organizations in development and change efforts throughout his career.

one of the most experienced consultants in the united states on the subject of self-directed work teams, he has helped companies implement all types of teams since 1976. he is a pioneer in the development of self-directed work teams in both union and non-union environments having developed the teaming up® process that is now widely used across north america and the united kingdom.

education and training
a graduate of george peabody college of vanderbilt university, he holds a doctorate in counseling psychology. dr. ray is certified by two national organizations as a trainer and holds certifications in neurolinguistics as well. he is a professional member of the
american psychological association and has taught undergraduate courses at tennessee state university and graduate mba courses at webster university

his published works include:

• the book, teaming up: making the transition to a self-directed team-based organization (mcgraw-hill 1995). it continues to be the standard text for implementation of self-directed work teams and is available through ipc or your local bookstore. his second book: the performance culture: maximizing the power of teams (may 2001) focuses on the unique challenge of leaders in today's team oriented work place.
• he has published articles and done interviews in a number of national journals including: the journal for quality and participation, the wall street journal, manage magazine, industry week, insurance advocate, working woman, management world, training and development journal, the journal of basic and applied social psychology, evaluation and program planning, napm insights, supervisory management and many others.

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