I’m contemplating driving down to Vegas this weekend. The WSOP main event starts Saturday night, and while I don’t plan on playing in any satellites to get in, I would like to go watch some of it. It’s only a six hour drive, and some other people I know are going to be there this weekend anyway. Plus, the low limit cash games should be real good this weekend.

A week and a half ago, I put finished off the hands I needed for my bonus at Poker Stars, so I withdrew some and put it into Poker Room, for a deposit bonus there. 20% up to $100, so I put in $500. As of today, I’ve received my bonus, and have $533 in my account. At one point, before the bonus was deposited, I had over $700. I guess that’s what I get for trying to move up in limits, and play a few $20+2 tournaments. In one of them, I finished 19th out of 151 (10 pay) when my AQ ran up against AA. At least I didn’t lose all my money.

I’ve cashed out some of my money from Poker Room, and will be depositing it into Pacific Poker to get Iggy some sort of referral credit, and get myself a deposit bonus there. From there, who knows. I really wish Ultimate Bet would get their act together with hand histories so they’re not as much of pain to import into Poker Tracker, because I really like playing the tournaments there better than anywhere else.

I finished 57th out of 500+ in a $5+.50 ($500 added) there last night, 7 out of the money. I was just not getting any good cards, the blinds were getting very high, and I couldn’t seem to steal any pots. No big deal, I’m still happy with a finish that high. I finally went out when presto (55) ran up against 77 and two overcards. I don’t even remember which of them won, just that I lost. In the half hour before the tournament started, I played at Annie Duke’s 4/8 miniblind table at UB, and made around $70, so it wasn’t a total loss. Best hand there: I get J9 in late position, and call. Flop comes T87. Someone stays with my betting the whole way, the turn and river are blanks, and my straight holds up. I think he was on the flush draw, and would have liked to see my 7 or Q hit.

I haven’t really been getting any comments lately, so maybe if I just outright ask a question, someone will respond. Should I go to Vegas this weekend? Leave a comment.

I think maybe all the poker talk has scared away the four (if that many) regular readers I used to have.

UPDATE: Hotel room is booked, not that I plan on sleeping much. Looks like my apartment will go uncleaned for yet another weekend.

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