Breakdown of PokerStars January Promotions

PokerStars has a few new gimmicks on offer this January. Throughout the year, PokerStars introduced new and unusual promotions on a monthly basis, a trend that they appear to be carrying on into this year.


The first is a no-brainer for anyone already playing there; the January Jumpstart is a simple VPP giveaway with no strings attached. It’s not exactly the most generous promotion they’ve offered, getting you between 25 and 1000 VPP depending on your current VIP level. Nonetheless, seeing as all that’s required of you is to click on Account > Enter Star Code and type in “JUMPSTART,” you would be foolish not to take it. You’ve got until January 8th to take advantage.

January Daily Challenges

More interesting are the January Daily Challenges, which are similar to the November Mission Weeks last year, in that they provide entry to lottery-like “All-in Shootout Tournaments.” Unlike the Mission Weeks, however, there is a different requirement each day, and no participation levels; either you complete the challenge or you don’t, and everyone who does is placed in the same tournament.

The challenges are mostly trivial to complete, and are geared towards getting existing players to broaden their horizons, or to bring new players into the game. They include making deposits, or trying out particular formats – playing a single Sit-n-Go or scheduled tournament, for instance, or earning a single VPP at a cash game table.


The official schedule has not yet been released for the Turbo Championship of Online Poker, but PokerStars administrators have released a tentative schedule for feedback. It appears that the series will take place towards the end of January, as it did last year, but start a few days later this time, on the 23rd, and run into the first days of February.

Fans of turbo MTTs should keep their eyes peeled for updates, and I’ll cover the series in more detail when the official announcement is made.

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